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Order now you personal licence

onshoo 3

onshoo 3 Shop

  • Professional gastronomy shop
  • Extensive product management
  • Consideration of opening times
  • Preorder assumption
  • Promotion days
  • Deliverymanagement
  • and much more..

only  199,- €*

onshoo fax


(Addon for onshoo 3)

  • Orders direct on your fax
  • No PC required
  • Easy configuration
  • Various Fax-Gateways

only  59,95 €*


*All prices incl. 19% VAT (shipping costs are omitted)
  The offer is directed exclusively to dealers and traders.
  No sales to private customers.

onshoo 3 is the perfect online shop for delivery services. Easy to configure and tailored to the needs of the gastronomy. Startup your online business now.
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